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Miriam Adrien-Thompson

Where do I begin?

To my knowledge, I do not have COVID-19.

I have not exhibited any known symptoms.

No one in my family has tested positive for COVID-19.

Today marks seven days since I have been placed on teleworking status.


At this point, I am thinking about survival. I am not an alarmist but the last seven days has made me reflect. All of a sudden, those doomsday scenarios are creeping into my mind.

Yesterday, I stood outside of my local Costco in a queue which snaked around the building. My husband and I had been aware of the Black Friday conditions at grocery stores.

It was jarring to see the long lines.

I stood in that line and thought that the idea of taking a quick stop at the grocery store may not be possible anymore. Time to adopt a Black Friday strategy. If my family would survive through this crisis, we would have to change our thought process.

The store attendant stood on the outskirts of the line and the hope of getting any cleaning products, toilet paper, Kraft Mac and Cheese (my youngest K’s favorite) and pasta faded.

This crisis is a test in that I am beginning to see how selfish can be nurtured and nourished until it becomes a full-blown habit. If my family should survive this “onslaught” of “hoarders”, I would need to have this hunter-gatherer mentality.

There was no way I was going to leave that building without food for my family.

As I was wheeling my cart in and out of the aisles, I discovered that the picky eaters in my family would have to change their appetites. It maybe that my youngest K would have to put his brand loyalty aside and embrace homemade mac and cheese from scratch.

Forget the idea of finding your favorite brand for any grocery items. Prepare to camp outside of your local grocery store. Prepare for the long queues. Prepare for longer wait times to cash out at the register.

My mind keeps going back to the Blitz in Britain. You know, the folks who coined the phrase...


During the war, there were ration books and restrictions on food, gasoline or petrol and even use of some vehicles. With grocery shopping being like going into battle (yes, I exaggerated), there has to be some kind of a measure to conserve the items in my pantry.


The last week has shown me that with three fast-growing children, I need to think about creating a ration book, label juice boxes and even ration the number of cookies in the cookie jar.

After all, grocery runs are more like a marathon.

So, if this is my new normal, I have no choice but to adapt.

Thank you store clerks, store managers, cashiers, parking lot attendants,


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