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Man, thirty days could really do something to you. It was important to me to set everything aside, think globally, and recalibrate.

First Things First

On A Personal Note

The first thing I tried to do was….

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Yes, sleep. A good night’s rest does wonders. I believe I am cursed with the night owl syndrome. Even when my body screams for rest, I still do some task or errand. There were days like the scene above from The Princess And The Frog.

Another thing I revelled in was…

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Netflix and Disney+. There were some great gems on Netflix. Of course, I watched the first two episodes of She-Hulk. My thoughts? It was okay. Just that. I’m a die-hard Marvel fan and that will never change even though, of late, there seems to be a lackluster effort regarding some films in the franchise.

I Got An Education

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Okay. I know I’m digressing from my focus, but please, please, please tell me you have seen Abbott Elementary? It is like The Office for teachers. I’m looking forward to the next season.

Back to the train of thought. I took a few courses on Google SEO for websites from Coursera. This is the reason I took the courses. If you drive down the highway and see billboards at every mile saying the same thing, wouldn’t you investigate whatever was being advertised? Well, I did, and my eyes popped wide open. Sometimes I feel like writers can only do so much when there’s the pressure to publish great content and share stories with the world. Yet, SEO is super important that even a basic knowledge would not hurt.

Another thing: I attended YouTube University. I watched videos about editing, SEO and writing tips. Listen, I know opinions vary, but I learned some incredible pieces of advice about infusing creativity into our art form. Have you met Reedsy? It is a marketplace for authors, writers and freelancers. Reedsy’s YouTube page has archives of interviews and live-streams with published authors, writers and agents. I was sopping up everything shared like a sponge. Writing is a nerve-wracking experience. Hearing from others who have gone through the process helps me to move forward. And when I needed a break, I watched some film noirs and classic black and white films.

Did I Tell You How Much I Missed Talking With You?

Have you seen Butterfield 8? I could not stop watching it. Elizabeth Taylor was spell-binding in her performance as an escort who catered to high-class corporate types. Her story of struggling to achieve self-respect was riveting. I miss her. She’s my Cleopatra for sure.

What Was I Writing?

The idea was to take a break from writing, but I could not help myself. An idea came to me about a Christmas Instagram story based on direct messages. I will tell you about it later. Promise. Remember Rosalind from Camp NanoWrimo July? I started with the second draft.

Let’s Talk Housekeeping

Website Fixes

Check out the new header. I ditched the old one, craving for something new. Also, in a few seconds, when you visit my corner of the virtual-verse, you will see a newsletter slider invitation with a pink background. I changed the headers for all the pages and added some more decor to the sidebar.

Let’s Dive Deeper

On the sidebar, you will see my Instagram posts. Why M? Simple friend. Come, say hi sometimes on my Instagram page. I had to put some discipline in my life regarding reading.

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I have over 534 ebook titles on my Amazon Kindle. And….I have read about 40?

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Yes, I can take it. However, that does not capture the paperbacks I read. No excuses. So please keep an eye on my Pinterest Board called, Kindle Books I’ve Devoured to see whether I am keeping up with reading. You are welcome to follow me on Pinterest. I have Boards that express everything I relish under the sun. Speaking of which, I hope to do much more interactive things on my Facebook page. You are also invited to join me there.

Also, you will see my Amazon Kindle link in the sidebar, which serves as my reading accountability check. I am reading The Lord Of The Rings. Keep me accountable, people.

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Ah, Bridgerton. I still have not watched it yet.

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Newsletter News

I said goodbye to MailChimp. Hello, MailerLite. No hard feelings, but it was not working out. You know. Not you. It’s me. Yes, yes. Well, while attending YouTube University, I learned about how this newsletter service works wonders for authors. I had to admit that so far; I am dazzled by the ease of getting tasks, pages, sites and campaign newsletters done with clean, beautiful layouts that are easy in the eyes.

And friend, that is the free plan. Up to you, but MailerLite has gotten my attention.

So, when you sign up for my newsletter, you will get the Love Knows Bundle. That includes a bonus chapter, questions for Book Clubs, five high-resolution digital prints inspired by Love Knows and free sample chapters. The first newsletter campaign on the new platform has gone out. I publish every fourth Friday of the month. You may hear me sing some bars too! You never know!

More Interaction Please

There’s only so much I can do here on this website. I want to interact with you more on my social media channels and other platforms that give me that opportunity. I partnered with Koji. It is a link in bio service which opens the door to all kinds of services and ways to reach out to fans. From time to time, I may ask you to visit my Koji-Verse to see what fun things I have created for you. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Name Your Price Digital Prints-Yes, you read that correctly. I have a Digital Store with hi-res prints. You name the price and it is yours. For. Real.
  • Free sample chapters of Love Knows
  • $5 Digital Print Store-Everything is $5.

I plan to do Q&As, Videos and much more fun stuff. In the meantime, leave a tip to feed my Java addiction. Pretty, please. If you would like to get onboard with Koji, sign up by clicking this link.

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Think Happy Thoughts

I started this post with the words, “Man, thirty days could really do something to you.” Yes friend, I had to come face to face with some hard truths.

In fact, as I am writing this post, I am still processing a friend’s pain. I had to think seriously whether writing is a hobby or a passion. I had to look in the mirror and confront myself with the question, “Why are you doing this?” What is possible and what is not possible? Why write my stories the way I do? Why share myself in this capacity with the world?

It is because I give a damn about brightening up the world with my stories. It is because I give a damn about giving voice to experiences that are rich and meaningful. I am a contemporary fiction writer who loves to tell stories from an interracial and multicultural perspective. You know me. I am a Caribbean-American writer with African, French and British cultures in my blood. Where there is one person who sees themselves in the stories I share, I will keep writing.

Do I want to do this full-time? Yes! A thousand time yes. You know me. I would love to be at a beach bungalow churning out stories that the world needs to read. But until then, I will keep moving forward.

With Sincere Thanks

This website could not have happened without my brother. He’s the silent partner on the tech side. My Creator who loves me more than I can ever know. He nurtured my talents. My 4Ks are my cheerleaders and my loves. And you, friend. You visit, you leave a word or two. You stay a while. I value you.

All right, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend.

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Think of me when you raise a glass and I will think of you.

I Want To Hear From You

What have you been up to these past 30 days? Any exciting developments? Any thought processes you had to undertake? Changes? I’d love to hear them.

Talk soon,


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