Writing Goals: Writer’s Block Happens

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Writer’s block is debilitating. No inspiration can be found anywhere. It may last for days or weeks.

That is one definition.

Then again, Steve Martin says:

“Writer’s block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.”

Via Giphy

Ok, Steve. I thought that tickled my ribs a bit.

Whether or not it is real, there must be an explanation for those lackluster days when you are staring at a blinking pointer on the screen.

I believe it exists.

Sometimes our brain and energies get overtaxed. We may suffer from fatigue and other physical ailments. Or, we are just stuck.

At some point, I know I will go through this crippling condition. Here are some ways I hope to punch it in the face:

  • Walk away from the material.
  • Eat ice-cream. Why not?
  • Watch Turner Classic Movies. Those relax me all the time.
  • Do some form of physical activity.
  • Socialize with friends and family.
  • Read a book. This might inspire me.
  • Reach out to my writing groups.
  • Just be still.

How do you handle writer’s block?


5 thoughts on “Writing Goals: Writer’s Block Happens

  1. Studio Juliette

    Writer’s Block took me for seven years because I started doubting every word I wrote. It was all supposed to be perfect first draft. When I allowed myself to enjoy spilling out whatever happened first draft and enjoying the re-write process, I moved past the first sentence and now write every day. It is often our own thoughts and fears, which block us.

    • Miriam E. Thompson

      Hi there! I think you are onto something. Psychology does play a role in there. How does the mind respond to whatever we decide to do? I agree with your angle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. blondeusk

    Have got a bad case at the moment. It won’t pass! I just state blankly at a wall, mouth open and very still. After an hour or so I either write something or somebody asks me whether I am feeling ok – lol! Thx for your post 🙂

    • Miriam E. Thompson

      I appreciate your comment on this issue. I believe writer’s block is real. It is frustrating and paralyzing. Here’s hoping you will be ok. You will!

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