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Via Moi

Writing makes no money.

Writers live hand to mouth.

Do you think your book will ever sell?

Seems unreal to read about a girl wolf in love with a human.

Who is going to read that kind of story?

Do you know how many writers are successful?

Are you sure this is what you really want? A life of luck and chance?

Is it really worth it?

Are any of these familiar?

How did you feel being on the receiving end of those remarks?

There are some people in our lives whose sole purpose is to yank the rug under your feet. Forget about sharing your mini successes with them because,  in their minds, your dreams are ridiculous.

Now, think about how you internalize those thoughts. Ultimately, the emotions that rise to the surface cause those remarks to work their way through your system.

This results in a low self concept, self-doubt and mistrust. You accept that person’s truth by making it your own. The more you embrace it, the more you disappear.


Stop the insanity.

Your gift has the potential to empower lives. Your words contain the ability to push boundaries.

Why are you giving away your power?

Take back the wheel.

My grip is firm on my steering wheel.

How about you?

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