Writing Goals: Show Up, No Excuses

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Draft a writing plan and stick to it.

Create a writing calendar which responds to your lifestyle.

Keep your appointments. Be at your writing desk at the same time everyday.

Set an alarm or use apps such as Google Calendar. I love the notification features.

Prepare for contingencies.

I should know I am a busy wife and mother. In between homework, projects, supervising how my hobbits brush their teeth and being present for my spouse, there is almost no opportunity to write.

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Fifteen minute blocks are golden. They add up at the end of the day.

Speaking for myself, I have found writing as a meaningful outlet. This is how this mom, wife, sister and friend chooses to nurture her creativity.

I do not see writing as a hindrance. This art form has helped me to look past my own inhibitions and discover facets about myself that I never knew existed.

The  key is finding a happy medium.

For me it maybe  some late nights or at three in the morning. Ignoring life obligations, friends and people who care about you is an act of selfishness. These are our first customers. They will spread the word and encourage interest in our work. Invite them into the process.

Let us all find a balance, take care of ourselves, roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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