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I had big dreams for my first book.

Two years later, I’m still revisiting how to make the second book better.

Random Thoughts On Publishing Aspects

First, there was the toss-up between photography and art for book covers. On this matter, I was beside myself. There were beautiful book covers with superb photography. As well as those which look like stock photography.

Some of those did not look sexy.

Via Giphy

I love artistic paintings. In my mind, an artistic impression can do justice to the book. After all, a picture tells a thousand words. By the same token, some artistic pieces turn me off from even touching a book.

Second, I believe to rely on my revision abilities is ridiculous. Having extra pairs of eyes to pore over your material and give sound criticism went a long way. We are not experts in everything. Once I have polished up my second manuscript, The Chaplain’s Heart, I hope to invest a little into critiquing and editing.

Via Giphy

Third, seeking legal advice. Publishing contracts, copyrights, trademarks and such can confuse an author. A legal mind can help in helping me sift through all the legal babble.

Even though I am a lawyer. We can talk about that sometime.

Fourth, getting an agent. Now, this one can be tricky. Horror stories are out there about literary agents who scammed authors. So, safe to say I will be extra vigilant about this one.

I would love to get my books noticed for the right reasons. When a reader sees my book, I want to impress them with professionalism and class.

I am serious about making this a career. Why not invest in it?


2 thoughts on “Writing Goals: Seek Professional Help

  1. moondustwriter

    Yes there are many things to consider when you are presenting your work. Though I have to say I have a number of friends in the writing word who have many (10-20) books published and they never used professional services. I was fortunate with my first several projects to be working with another editor. Even though we are both editors, we asked for others to beta read to catch errors that we could not.
    Best of luck with your project hope it goes beyond your expectations.

  2. theowllady

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