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Have you ever read a story which was a head scratcher?

Planning is everything.

Via Giphy

Every story has the following elements:

  • A beginning: exposition leading to rising action
  • Middle: climax of the story
  • End: falling action and resolution

Added to this, consider the elements of a good story:setting, plot, characters, conflict and theme.

Armed with a fantastic story idea, we can start to plot our strategy. I love to write ideas as they come to mind. In the process, I prefer to use character questionnaires to aid in fleshing out characters for my story. Naming characters can be fun and taxing at the same time.

Given the fact I am a perfectionist, the planning process may take anywhere between one to two weeks. Once I am confident in my planning session, I can begin to write.

Writing by the seat of my pants has never worked for me. I like a measure of control over my work. Yet, I have come to learn that even after putting a lot of effort into planning, the story may take on a life of its own. The characters may nudge me to act otherwise. I must confess, I give in allowing the story to take its own course.

I guess I need reminders that I am not always in control.

Some people are good “pantsers”. I salute them. For my part, I will continue to map out my story.

After all, I need the reader to get addicted to my story.


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