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Sometimes I feel like I am torturing myself. Only that it is not the kind that brings pain but provides pleasure.

Ideas pop into my head either while chopping onions or taking a shower. The moment I forget to write them down, it disappears from memory.

Via Giphy

It has become a habit of mine to carry a little pad around with me or keep it close whenever I get an idea to insert into a work in progress.

For the tech savvy writers, these apps can be of help:

I use Google Keep as my go-to because it is quick and easy. What do you use to keep your thoughts in one spot?


3 thoughts on “Writing Goals: Keep A NotePad

  1. theowllady

    I do the same thing, Miriam. Even have one in my purse if I’m out. @v@ <3

  2. theowllady

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