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I stink at sales and marketing.

If you do not believe me, speak to the last person who signed me up to sell multivitamins as part of a home-based business.

So understand how intimidated I feel about having to query my work or sell it to a stranger on the street.

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Being a part of many writing groups I hear about published writers and their experiences with marketing their work. Some find the process agonizing to the point of draining out their zest for creativity.

Why can’t I just focus on writing instead of investing several hours into promotion?

Experts say writers who want to be taken seriously need to have a blogging platform, a strong social media presence, a Goodreads account, a Wattpad account and a steady readership. All of these so-called suggestions require time and attention.

You have to create interest in your work, attract a fan base for the sake of impressing prospective agents and publishing houses. Meanwhile, focus on writing a masterpiece.

An author’s direct mailing envelope ended up in my mailbox. Inside was a letter summarizing her achievements including an advertisement about her latest novel. I loved the beautiful, glossy bookmark. She provided her social media information, her author website and places (online and otherwise) where I could buy a copy.

What blew me away was that she was a New York Times Bestselling author. My first thoughts were that either she had fired her agent or sales for her books were lagging. I may not know the answer. It got me thinking that getting my work noticed begins the moment I start the first chapter.

Whether I want to accept it, without a market to receive my material, all of my energy is for naught.

I need to find a balance between writing and promoting.

It is a matter I cannot ignore.


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