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Twenty-four hours is never enough.

We could use a little more time to get as much out of the day. There are daily obligations which demand our attention. We have our own personal goals, hopes, and dreams.

The situation is never ideal to pursue your dreams.

In between the noise, chaos and hustle, we can still find that time to work on that short story idea or that script for a play.

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Amy Poehler did an interview with Entertainment Weekly about her writing process for her new book, Yes, Please. This portion struck a chord with me:

Interviewer: So you weren’t always writing upright, at a desk with three freshly sharpened pencils…
Amy Poehler: I always had the fantasy that I would rent a cabin in Big Sur and that I would dress for writing and I would talk to magazines about how I’d like to turn off the phone and wear comfortable sneakers. The reality is, when you have little kids, and when you’re shooting a TV show, I wrote it like I hacked away. I wrote it when I could, and I did it the way most people have to figure out their lives. I gave it attention when I could. I went back to what I know, which is I tried to be honest. I tried to be funny. But I had to let go of that idea that creativity comes out of stillness. I find that creativity usually comes out of chaos.

Amy Poehler is spot on.

In my ideal world, a bungalow in The Maldives would be my secluded spot to write in peace.

The Maldives! Ah! Via Giphy

Here’s what works for me:

  • I try to keep a notebook handy if an idea comes up for my work in progress or future projects.
  • Getting up two hours before everyone else gives me enough room to enjoy peace and quiet.
  • The night owl in me loves to sit up once the house gets quiet.
  • In between awaiting that casserole in the oven, I jot down a few paragraphs in a notebook.

There is no perfect time to get things done. We just have to learn how to work around it.


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