Writing Goals: Hey, Shouldn’t You Be Writing?

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George RR Martin is right.

Ditch the internet.

Lately, I have struggled with keeping off social media. Facebook is fascinating. Instagram is intriguing. TikTok is addictive.


Social media is a blessing and a curse. Not only are we able to connect with people and places at the click of a mouse, but we find ourselves inundated by its allures and charms.

Say you decided to spend ten minutes scrolling through posts to pass the time. By the time you come out of the social media fog, an hour, albeit two, may have elapsed.

In my writing schedule, I have imposed strict limits on social media interaction. Calculate the time spent liking, poking, commenting and retweeting. Those precious moments could have allowed for plot outlines or dusting off an old manuscript.

Set boundaries.

Focus on getting the job done.

But TikTok… oh well,


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