Writing Goals: Embracing Failure

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Failing the bar exams may have been one of the most unbearable disappointments in my life.

Yet, I chose not to let this setback keep me stuck. I learned how to reinvent myself.

To be quite honest, I do not take disappointment very well. My perfectionist personality will perform a million or more post-mortems because I should have done something differently.

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
— Winston S. Churchill

Rejection letters will come.

One of my stories may be tossed in the garbage.

Some people may be vocal in their disgust at my work.

Reframing failure in a healthy context, I understand that this is just another rung on the ladder to success.

I remember listening to an interview with Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx. When asked about life lessons, she spoke about her father’s insistence that she and her siblings fail at something every day.


The idea behind this was failure spurs success. It fuels our hunger for success.

Am I looking forward to failure? Not in the least. Until it comes, I am going to work my way through it believing in a successful future.


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