Writing Goals: Big Goals, Little Goals

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Remember, I am a card-carrying perfectionist.

It took a highly strung moment for me to understand that I need to check my writing milestones. These were unrealistic causing me to lose focus. I was close to falling out of love with writing.

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So, it took some reframing for me to consider setting reasonable writing goals.

1. Write 1,000 words daily.

2. If this is not possible, aim for close to 500 words.

3. Write in fifteen minute blocks to allow for life’s contingencies.

4. Place a notebook within arm’s reach. I could write a few paragraphs in between waiting for dinner in the oven.

Via Giphy

I do not have to place myself under intense pressure.

Take baby steps.

Yes, the old adage is true: Rome was not built in one day.

My works and your works may take time but those small goals go a long way.


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