Writing Goals: Being Vulnerable

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I am tired of being a close-minded person.

It is exhausting.

I am tired of being safe and secure.

No, I do not have a death wish.

Reflecting on my life experiences, I realize how conservatism and legalism prevented me from being open. Writing on my projects tore down those walls, revealing a whole new perspective.

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In my work in progress, Heart On Reserve, I sought to portray a rape and sexual assault survivor who was not afraid to explore her sexuality. I made her crave intimacy, affection, and sexual experiences. My protagonist was changing.

I was changing along with her.

Issues about faith, love, sex, relationships, morality, and personal freedoms bombarded me. It gnawed at my spirit. I think back to those nights I asked myself the hard, soul-searching, deeply personal questions. I am glad I did.

To ignore the raw emotions that surface during the writing process removes the thrill and adventure found in writing a story. For some, it is a cathartic experience. For others, it is liberation.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
— Brené Brown

Venturing into the unknown is scary. It is like a journey into the darkness.

The surprises at the end may blow us away.


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